BNI Business Connections One:

Generates more business before 9am than most people see all week.

Join us this Thursday at 7am and find out more

Come visit Toronto’s best B2B BNI!

We meet every Thursday from 7 to 8:30 am at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, 44 Price Street, just off Yonge, between the Summerhill and Rosedale subway stations.

Our aim is to help each other find new, high-quality clients. This year we exceeded our goal of referring $1.5 million in business to each other.

Here’s what visitors say about our meetings:


“I really like the structured agenda...”
“There’s a wonderful spirit of fun at these meetings...”
“The money you generate for members is impressive...”
“Very professional group...”

Referral marketing is powerful and proven

There is no more effective way to grow your business than word-of-mouth. Our BNI Business Connections One chapter helps you harnesses the power of word of mouth marketing.

See how our network and energy can help you grow your business.

Come visit one of our weekly meetings.

Entrepreneurs? Clients? Executives?

You never know who you'll meet at Business Connections One. That’s because we attract some of Toronto’s top professionals.

But we can tell you this: You'll laugh. You'll learn. And you'll be inspired to get out there and make a difference in your company — and your community.

WHO: Dynamic, diverse professionals
WHAT: The Business Connections One chapter of BNI
WHEN: Every Thursday at 7:00 am
WHERE: Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, 44 Price Street, Toronto, ON, M4W 1Z1. East off Yonge Street, between Rosedale and Summerhill subway stations. Last building on the left at the end of the street, follow signs to entrance. Meter parking in the area. Five minute walk from Summerhill subway station.
WHY: To learn, have fun and build business.

We want you! 

Here are some of our most sought after category openings:

Event Planner
Business/Strategy consultant
Private Banker
Concierge Services
Litigation Lawyer
Family Lawyer

Promotional Products
Investor / Investment Banker
Sales coach

Janine Harris

Janine Harris

Take your communication beyond the written word

Keyring Media produces great videos for a wide range of corporate clients. Great video takes more than camera work (although our camera work is excellent).

First, Keyring takes the time to really understand you, your business and what you need to communicate. We can suggest a length and format, if you wish.

Then we coach you through a great performance (everyone tells us how much fun they had).

Finally, we apply our editing expertise so the real you comes through. Add titles or captions (at your option) and—voilá—a video that’s guaranteed to get attention.

Clients use Keyring videos in many ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Web Introduction: Replace your photo on the “About Us” page—it’s like a talking headshot! It’s easy—we interview you.
  • Tip Video: Bring your expertise to life and offer value to your customers. Use this to tell clients about a product or service you offer
  • Sales Tip: Great if you have a sales force or dealers to support and your training budget is tight. Use videos to describe new products and offers and to provide sales tips. Salespeople can access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Profile Video: highlight your organization through a combination of interviews with key staff and and clients along with footage of your products, services and results.
  • Recruiting: Attract top talent by showcasing your corporate personality and culture
  • Job Hunting: Excellent for senior level people. Create a punchy 2-minute video introduction that lifts you out of that stack of resumes. We look after the hosting, you provide the link.

We offer regular specials. Visit to learn more.

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  • We meet every Thursday @ 7am

    We meet every Thursday @ 7am

  • We meet every Thursday @ 7am

    We meet every Thursday @ 7am

  • We meet every Thursday @ 7am

    We meet every Thursday @ 7am


Upcoming Speakers

Each week one of our members gives a 10-minute presentation on their area of expertise.  If a topic interests you, contact us to be our guest!


Feb 21

Claude Boiron | Real Estate

Title: What would you ask someone who knows everything about Real Estate?

Description: A rapid-fire, unscripted, Q&A with a top Real Estate Broker, investor, and educator.

Great Guests are: Financial Advisors. Also, anyone who owns a property, would like to own a property, invests in Real Estate, or is involved with Real Estate professionally, like a mortgage agent, Real Estate lawyer, appraiser, inspector, environmental engineer, contractor, etc.


Karima Khan | Equinox Development

Equinox Development Inc. – The Client’s Choice for a reputable and qualified builder for Residential, Commercial & Industrial projects

Does your builder have the resources and credentials to complete your project on time and on budget???


Great Guests are:

Anyone who is moving, renovating, building, leasing, buying or selling. Residential or Commercial clients

Feb 28

John and Peter

Mar 7

Paul Chato | Your Web Department

Your Web Department has been building websites since 1999. Today we announce a new chapter in our business as we move to a cloud-based, multi-site service based on WordPress that's good enough to put our Your Web Department name on it. Multi-site might not mean much to you but for us it is the key to offering great support for our more than 700 clients. Learn what this all means and why it's the best solution for small business owners, during Paul's presentation. 

Mo Dezyanian | Empathy Inc.

So you want people to find your business in 2019?  

You're going to need a website that's Google ready and up-to-date. You're also going to need a way for people to find that website. Paul and Mo and are going to arm you with everything you need to generate business from your websites. 

Mar 14

Kola and

Lisa Simkins | Superior Home Inspectors

Learn what surprises Superior Home Inspectors uncover with an infra red camera  during a home purchase  conditional offer period,  and what condo buyers need to know.  

Mar 21

Hina and Todd |

Mar 28

David and TBC

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