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Generates more business before 9am than most people see all week.

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We meet every Thursday from 7 to 8:30 am at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, 44 Price Street, just off Yonge, between the Summerhill and Rosedale subway stations.

Our aim is to help each other find new, high-quality clients. This year we exceeded our goal of referring $1.5 million in business to each other.

Here’s what visitors say about our meetings:


“I really like the structured agenda...”
“There’s a wonderful spirit of fun at these meetings...”
“The money you generate for members is impressive...”
“Very professional group...”

Referral marketing is powerful and proven

There is no more effective way to grow your business than word-of-mouth. Our BNI Business Connections One chapter helps you harnesses the power of word of mouth marketing.

See how our network and energy can help you grow your business.

Come visit one of our weekly meetings.

Entrepreneurs? Clients? Executives?

You never know who you'll meet at Business Connections One. That’s because we attract some of Toronto’s top professionals.

But we can tell you this: You'll laugh. You'll learn. And you'll be inspired to get out there and make a difference in your company — and your community.

WHO: Dynamic, diverse professionals
WHAT: The Business Connections One chapter of BNI
WHEN: Every Thursday at 7:00 am
WHERE: Toronto Lawn Tennis Club, 44 Price Street, Toronto, ON, M4W 1Z1. East off Yonge Street, between Rosedale and Summerhill subway stations. Last building on the left at the end of the street, follow signs to entrance. Meter parking in the area. Five minute walk from Summerhill subway station.
WHY: To learn, have fun and build business.

We want you! 

Here are some of our most sought after category openings:

Event Planner
Business/Strategy consultant
Private Banker
Concierge Services
Litigation Lawyer
Family Lawyer

Promotional Products
Investor / Investment Banker
Sales coach

Howard Lichtman

Howard Lichtman

The Lightning Group designs new revenue-optimization and “go-to-market” strategies and implements them with the clients' in-house staff or through its extensive resource network.  The Lightning Group offers Virtual Chief Marketing Officer services.

You've done all the cost-cutting that you can. Now what? You can't cost-cut your way to prosperity - companies need to focus on revenue generation strategies. To be a success, not only do companies need the correct strategy -- they also need flawless execution. The Lightning Group designs new revenue optimization strategies and implements them either with the customers' in-house staff or through The Lightning Group's extensive resource network. 

The Lightning Group provides Virtual CMO services to companies that require executive level strategic and marketing skills but do not need a full-time Chief Marketing Officer. We also assist Chief Marketing Officers in taking a fresh look at marketing and revenue opportunities. At the Lightning Group, we are not only the architects of the strategy, we are also the general contractors who manage the implementation. 

The Lightning Group are sponsorship experts. Having assisted many organizations in both development of sponsorship strategy as well as actual sponsorship solicitation. The key to sponsorship is understanding what the relevant assets are that a corporation or property has to offer and then effectively presenting them in a presentation piece. Even more importantly, sponsorship is never exclusively about the client’s assets or properties, even if there seems to be an appropriate target match - that is not enough. 

Sponsorship solicitation proposals must answer the “WIFM” (What’s In it For Me?) for the person that is being asked to spend sponsorship and marketing dollars. Clients often leave the “figuring out” of how the potential sponsor can utilize the sponsorship purchase to drive their business. This is a cardinal error. It is up to the person who is presenting the sponsorship opportunity to think through business building activation programs which clearly identify how the sponsorship can drive the prospect’s business. The Lightning Group has been at the forefront of understanding not only the client’s sponsorship assets, but also how they can drive potential sponsor’s business. 

The Lightning Group provides a series of business services for corporations including brainstorming facilitation, speaker programming, leadership training through structured experiences, guest speaking on a number of business topics, as well as event and conference planning. Our brainstorming sessions are so successful that we are pleased to offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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  • We meet every Thursday @ 7am

    We meet every Thursday @ 7am

  • We meet every Thursday @ 7am

    We meet every Thursday @ 7am

  • We meet every Thursday @ 7am

    We meet every Thursday @ 7am


Upcoming Speakers

Each week one of our members gives a 10-minute presentation on their area of expertise.  If a topic interests you, contact us to be our guest!


Oct 25

Dan Snow | Social Media  | How to Create One Piece of Content, and Use if Everywhere

Dan Snow, Founder of SNOW Digital & Social, will be giving a short talk on "How to Create One Piece of Content, and Use It Everywhere" which will provide insight on how to deliver a consistent brand experience wherever you speak to your customers. Dan has worked for small and large advertising agencies, and an experienced speaker - it should make for a good discussion. 

Nov 1

Zahra Taseer | Family Law 

Nov 8

TBD | 

Nov 15

Rob MacKenzie | Commercial Banking 

Nov 22

Violet Mo | Bookkeeping 

Nov 29

Jarrod Stewart | Building supplies 

Dec 6

Laura Ranieri | Copywriting 

Dec 13

Valeri Hall Little | Built To Soar 

Dec 20

Chris Ellefson | Mobile Application development 


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