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“There’s a wonderful spirit of fun at these meetings...”


Each week one of our members gives a 10-minute presentation educating members and guests about an aspect of their business.

It’s an invaluable chance to see the value that each of our members provides to their clients and our chapter. We’d love to have you as a guest, so be sure to contact a member for an invitation!

Upcoming speakers roster



March 15

Lee Anderson | Currency exchange | Mercantile Exchange

My spotlight presentation will be on Mercantile Exchange: ‘Helping Canadian SMB’s with their FX & International Payments’

March 22

Nirma Jesuthasan | R&D Grants and Tax Credits | ENGINEVA

SRED and BCIP - Complimentary Funding Programs

March 29

Closed Meeting

April 5

Shirley Zerfas | Imaging & Printing Services | One Imaging Inc.

Have you considered Print?

In the world of instant contact, spamming e-newsletters and meeting requests that do not feel very genuine, print can make the difference.  It makes the recipient feel special and will make your offering more professional. It shows you care and using a trusted medium captures the recipient’s attention in a personalized way that can move and inspire them.

April 12

Janine Harris | Video Production | Keyring Media

What...You still haven't thought about video?

April 19

Jessica Heald | Graphic Design | Dig it Design

Building a brand's visual language across marketing assets

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