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“There’s a wonderful spirit of fun at these meetings...”


Each week one of our members gives a 10-minute presentation educating members and guests about an aspect of their business.

It’s an invaluable chance to see the value that each of our members provides to their clients and our chapter. We’d love to have you as a guest, so be sure to contact a member for an invitation!

Upcoming speakers roster


Jan 17

Scott Rosen | Legal Litigation

Litigation - What Is It Good For?  (subtitle - just what the heck does Scott do anyway?)

Commercial litigation lawyer Scott Rosen explains the general process of business lawsuits and how to resolve them in Ontario


Jeanette Bicknell | Bicknell Mediation

What NO ONE tells you about Workplace Investigations

Professional mediator Jeanette Bicknell shares insider information about workplace investigations and their aftermath.

Please invite: HR leaders, business owners, non-profit professional and board members

Jan 24

Jessica | 


Anthony | 

Jan 31

Graham and Damian

Feb 7

Eric and Jana

Feb 14

Alison and Katie |

Feb 21

Claude Boiron | Real Estate

Title: What would you ask someone who knows everything about Real Estate?

Description: A rapid-fire, unscripted, Q&A with a top Real Estate Broker, investor, and educator.

Great Guests are: Financial Advisors. Also, anyone who owns a property, would like to own a property, invests in Real Estate, or is involved with Real Estate professionally, like a mortgage agent, Real Estate lawyer, appraiser, inspector, environmental engineer, contractor, etc.



Feb 28

John and Peter

Mar 7

Paul Chato | Your Web Department

Your Web Department has been building websites since 1999. Today we announce a new chapter in our business as we move to a cloud-based, multi-site service based on WordPress that's good enough to put our Your Web Department name on it. Multi-site might not mean much to you but for us it is the key to offering great support for our more than 700 clients. Learn what this all means and why it's the best solution for small business owners, during Paul's presentation. 

Mo Dezyanian | Empathy Inc.

So you want people to find your business in 2019?  

You're going to need a website that's Google ready and up-to-date. You're also going to need a way for people to find that website. Paul and Mo and are going to arm you with everything you need to generate business from your websites. 

Mar 14

Kola and Lisa

Mar 21

Hina and TBC |

Mar 28

David and TBC

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