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“There’s a wonderful spirit of fun at these meetings...”


Each week one of our members gives a 10-minute presentation educating members and guests about an aspect of their business.

It’s an invaluable chance to see the value that each of our members provides to their clients and our chapter. We’d love to have you as a guest, so be sure to contact a member for an invitation!

Upcoming speakers roster


Mar 21

Hina and

Todd Grierson | Grierson Consulting

“What is the Opportunity Matrix"

My presentation will explain how I work with businesses using my experience and the Opportunity Matrix to create an action plan to streamline your companies performance to increase your profitability, efficiency and value.  

This session will be great for business owners, presidents, CEO’s and general managers .

Mar 28 David/Marc


Apr 4 Lawrence/Jarrod

Apr 11 Suzanne / Evan

April 18 CLOSED

Apr 25 Evonne/Andrew


May 2 Chantelle/Valerie

May 9 Howard / Dan

May 16 Rob / Nirma

May 23 Laura/Danny

May 30 Sanjana/Alicia

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