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“There’s a wonderful spirit of fun at these meetings...”


Each week one of our members gives a 10-minute presentation educating members and guests about an aspect of their business.

It’s an invaluable chance to see the value that each of our members provides to their clients and our chapter. We’d love to have you as a guest, so be sure to contact a member for an invitation!

Upcoming speakers roster



Aug 9

Akhil Sivanandan | Marketing Analytics | Pharos Analytics

A beginners guide to Customer Segmentation.

It will focus on simple tactics and tools to better segment your customers to focus your sales, retention and marketing efforts

Aug 16

Lisa Simkins | House Insprection | Superior Home Inspectors

Lisa will show you how a home inspection can help clients save money, the benefits of inspecting Condo units, and the neat things we see using the Infra Red camera during a home inspection.

Aug 23

John Figol | Small Business Lawyer | Ross Rumbell Professional Corporation

Aug 30

Chris Ellefson | Mobile smartphone applications | Ollon

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