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Over the years we’ve found that when a client engages one of us, they often end up working with several members of our chapter. So we've grown from a word-of-mouth referral organization into a practical consultancy — one where every member is at the top of their game.

Chris Ellefson

Chris Ellefson

Ellefson Technology is a boutique software development company specializing in development of mobile applications, and custom software.

We work with creative start-ups and companies that are seeking to launch a new product or service idea. We partner with our clients in order to understand their strategic goals and objectives from the conceptual stage to launch. We stand by all of our development by providing ongoing support. 

At Ellefson Technology we believe that technology is an enabler for client's vision. Our role is to build and connect that technology to bring your vision to reality. We provide architecture leadership that provides an end to end solution from system integration to creative design to ensure you receive a solid system that achieves your goals.

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