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Over the years we’ve found that when a client engages one of us, they often end up working with several members of our chapter. So we've grown from a word-of-mouth referral organization into a practical consultancy — one where every member is at the top of their game.

Jeanette Bicknell

Jeanette Bicknell

I have seen first-hand the harm that can be caused by conflict in organizations. Valued employees leave. Stress levels go through the roof. Decisions don’t get made. Important tasks don’t get done. A feeling of helplessness prevails.

Mediation offers an affordable and collaborative process to resolve harmful conflict and preserve relationships. I help my clients create stronger organizations where employees can focus on their work in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Not all conflict is bad.  In fact, constructive and respectful disagreements about things that matter can be a sign of a very healthy organization. Whether it’s a team or a board, I help members trust one another enough to make conflict natural and productive. 

I hold Advanced Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution and in Family Mediation, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from York University in Toronto. I have earned the designation “Chartered Mediator” from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada. This is Canada’s most senior official designation for mediators, with extensive training and experience requirements.

I work with individuals and with large and small organizations.  One thing never changes, client names and identifying details are strictly confidential.

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